At Bowser Dentistry, we offer patient-centered care and understand that finances can sometimes be a concern. We do accept most insurance plans, and we ask that before your visit with our dentists, you contact your provider and our office to confirm your coverage. Remember that our aim is to do what is best for you, no matter what your insurance company may say. With that in mind, we will be happy to file your claim and work with you to maximize your dental benefits. We also understand that not everyone is able to carry dental insurance, and we invite you to talk with a member of our team before your visit to discuss other payment arrangements. Please keep in mind that any costs that are not covered by your insurance are due at the time of your visit. For your convenience, we accept:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Cards

Our office also works with the third-party lender CareCredit, which provides low and no interest financing for dental and medical care. To learn more or to apply, click on the link below.

We are looking forward to meeting you at your dental appointment in York, Pennsylvania. Call our office today to schedule your appointment and to discuss your financial options.